Character art for Kutsuki Puzzle PIKO

**You may experience extensive loading due to the images

Working on the characters for this game is one enjoyable ride. Big credits to my Art Director(Jose) and concept artists(Ian and Dan) on making these awesome designs! 

These characters are done entirely by me using 3D studio Max(Vray), Zbrush and Photoshop. Every character is so distinctively unique thus posing different challenges and learning experience. Really appreciated the fact that I was given the control on the final rendering look, this allowed me to set different lighting mood for characters depending on their design. As much as possible, I tried to bring a fresh look to the characters as they evolved, always saving the best for rank 3. 

*Credits to Jose for making the base female face mesh

Here’s some of the ones I really like.


Pyros PyrosBreakdownPoseidonHeraPoseidonHeraPrisonerWitchCarouselHauntedHouseGolemArcadeMachineMagicalJamJewelDancerGorillaAngelicCatPikoSamuraiBabyPikoElephantBigTreeCyclopsDarkBookMountainTowerTankSoldierSamuraiBeeKabukiRoboPikoPlane


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