Red Pavilion


I still remember taking a walk in a chinese garden under the strict supervision of my parents when I was a kid. It was sunny and glaring, with fresh scent of vegetation in the air. Though as a kid and not able to fully appreciate the beauty, it still left a lasting impression till now. So this personal work is dedicated to the memories of a kid.

Everything is done in 3ds Max with the exception of couple of trees from xfrog. Rendered with Mental Ray and post with Photoshop and Nuke.

Above artwork is included inside an online magazine, Ceiga.


Always wanted to light a dramatic kind of exterior lighting, sky forming different kind of clouds and rays of sunlight peeking through them. So here’s the result.

As usual from my previous lightings of this set, the pavilion is the centre-piece. A ray of sunlight is used to brighten and warm that area, while the rest are overcast sky lighting. Backdrop is given a slight desaturated cool color to differential depth.

With this I shall conclude my lighting for this set. Time to move on to other stuff. It’s been great deal of fun trying out different exterior lighting using this set. 



Some other different lighting mood

RedPavilion_Afternoon4-5 RedPavilion_Errie2

Viewport shaded mode.




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