Cinematic lighting 1

Been practicing lighting using film’s color plate(screenshot) lately. Lighted the ones that really caught my eyes due to their colors, emotion or purpose. Using a character rig from Tiny Island productions(credits to them), free models online and some modeling myself to set up the scene. Took around 1 day plus to complete one scene.

Not using any FG, GI or indirect illumination for lighting, all direct lighting. Rendered with mental ray, post with Nuke and Photoshop.

Edited: Was contemplating whether to put the reference images on my page, as I don’t have the rights to them. But after some of my friends requested, I decided to add them, hope there is no issue haha. If anyone has any issue with me hosting them, let me know I will remove them.


The Matrix(1999-2003). One of the greatest sci fi film, I love it for its choreography and philosophical ideas. Here’s the iconic black-clad Carrie-Anne Moss with her favorite tools of destruction.




Tron: Legacy(2010). I just gotta do a Tron! What I like about this shot is the fine use of shapes and depth to capture the focus. This piece took me a while more to set up due to the modeling of the disc and suit as I want to make it look as believable to the actual film. This is Serinda Swan in the shot if anyone is curious.




Triangle(2009). This mirror image of Melissa George captivates the mood of a horror movie.




Changeling(2008). An agonizing Angelina Jolie bearing the pain of her kidnapped son. I did what I could to replicate the expression with the facial rig, hope you guys can feel it.




Contact(1997). A scene of Jodie Foster listening to the headphone beside an array of radio telescope dishes. Really  love how the colors separate the character from the background.




I will be posting more of these whenever I have the free time.


2 thoughts on “Cinematic lighting 1

  1. Lovely work! But please: “…beside an array of satellites???” Grr! Those are radio telescope dishes! Satellites are things that orbit up in space!

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