Dream Defenders

Dream Defenders is a 26 episodes stereoscopic TV series. I have worked on this delightful project as Lighting Supervisor for the last 2 years. Here’s some of the renders and master lighting done by me.

Copyright Tiny Island Productions.

Room transformation for the series, did the shaders and lighting for the whole sequence.

Did the shading, master lighting and rendering for these set.

WareHouse_INT_RevisedCOLv2 ZaneZoeyHouse_Errie03  Momok_Vault04 Theatre_BackStage_Day(Char)v2 Theatre_Day02_Colv2 ToddlerDreamArea Sweet dream Diner INT Preschool Dream Area03 MeridianHighGymCorridor_Char02 MeridianHighGym_Dayv2 HallOfMirrorv3 Messy_Kitchen Zoey_Bedroom

Promo renders. Did the modeling, texturing and shading for the purple monster, shading for the bedroom set, lighting and rendering for all 3.

Zzz05  Zzz04dd-profile


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