Jiro, I dreamed of your sushi

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a documentary film about Jiro Ono, owner of a Michelin 3 star restaurant, on his continuing quest for perfection in the art of sushi making.

This film leaves a huge impression on me after watching. It’s not just about the extremely delicate and beautiful sushi, but more about a man relentless pursuit of perfection and how it has influenced people around him. Highly recommended for watching, especially sushi lovers. But word of caution, watch with a full stomach 🙂

I always want to do a food render, so this is the best window after inspiration from Jiro. Gosh…. Knowing beforehand food render is tough doesn’t get me prepared for what I was about to face, the shaders are killer! Initially I got the basic look pretty fast, but to make them believable as something we might come across on a daily basis, I went down the “horrid” path of perfection :p. I recalled spending hours after work just adjusting the shader properties by 5 or 10, render, rinse.

Not the perfect result Jiro would approve, but I can do with this, I just had enough sushi haha! (Ok, no more fixing, time to move on)


All done in 3DS Max, rendered with Mental Ray and post with Nuke and Photoshop. Background image gotten from the documentary.




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